Have Open Enterprise 6.5 ...and my my problem is...

In 1.3.6e ConsoleOne when my container gets somewhere around 1,000 objects my search feature stops working.

This problem has been for the past 4 years with different flavors & versions of Netware and Console one. I can't believe this isn't a problem for anyone else. I've had brand new installs of Netware servers with the newest versions of edirectory/consoleone and XP workstations and it does exactly the same everytime with all different configurations.
How are you trying to search?

I have a tree with >1 million objects in it (400k of which are in one OU)
and it works fine. Can you browse your tree with an ldap browser with no

Yes, I can browse fine.
It's not browsing that's a problem, it's the search feature thats the problem! By searching I mean, if your in the container and just start typing, console one automatically goes into the search function. When you hit enter after you key info the search field - my system just goes to the first object in the container everytime. This only happens when I get somewhere around 1000 objects or more in the container. But it happens 100% of the time when I reach that threshhold. This is why I'm convinced everyone has this problem, because I've never seen it work differently.