I just starting seeing weird directory listing on my nss volume. We have
a directory called G:\Shared. This is one of the top root folders of the
nss volume.

If I browse the share through explore I see the following


These aren't the really folder names but it's a example. Folder 1, Folder 2
and Folder3 under underlying folders inside COMMON.

Why am I seeing them in this way? I know permissions where modified earlier
in the day on that directory. I am thinking the permission changed did
this. But I believe only a few folders where changed and I see at least 20
like this.

Any ideas.

I just applied patch 11365 on Monday. I wonder if this may be causing it.
But it's the first permission change that has been done since the migration
from Netware 6.0 to OES Linux Sp2 so I am not sure if the patch has
anything to do with it.