I have several servers that I need to remove from the tree, then put them
back in at a later point in time. (I have only three computers with which
to build new oes servers. I build them in these 'shells', then ship the
drives to the location where they are <ugh> replacing my beloved NetWare
servers, and do my cutover. (In fairness, I gotta stop short of calling in
an upgrade.) Anyhow, I'm in a holding pattern until the end of Jan, but I
would like to press forward with building more servers. However, to do so
requires that I take these drives out of these 'shells' and leave them
disconnected from the network until the end of Jan.

I'd like to not leave them offline and in the tree that long, but I also
need the shells so that I can build more servers. Therefore I'd like to
remove the servers from the tree, but add them back in (same context,
different ip address) at a later time. (I know about the changes I will
need to make for the different ip address and writing a sed script to
handle that.)

I don't think there should be any issue with doing this other than I'll
have to reapply filesystem rights. But I thought I'd ask first to see if
anyone has any real world experience with this, and if you've had any
issues with doing so.