I have installed OES Sp2 on an IBM x236 Server. This Server has an
unsurported RAID Controller, so I have to expand the install
commandline like this:

brokenmodules=aic7xxx insmod=a320raid

Then I press F6 to include a driver update from disk (a320raid driver
from IBM)

After the install everything worked fine until i did a

-rug pin patch-11147
rug pin patch-11371
rug pin oes:*-

Now the new kernel was installed and i rebooted.

After the reboot the raiddriver seemed to be missing in the initrd.

In the original setup the driver was found under

But in the new filesystem that one was missing under

So I guess mkinitrd did not include that driver.

How to solve that ?

Second question (is somewhere in a manual for sure)
An unpatched server shows me the following ssh patches:

| oes | patch-11248 | urgent | SUSE CORE |
Security update for OpenSSH
| oes | patch-11279 | urgent | SUSE CORE |
Security update for OpenSSH
| oes | patch-11295 | urgent | SUSE CORE |
Security update for OpenSSH

I can't use -rug pin oes:*- to patch (because of the kernel). The Point
is that there a more than one patches.
Should I update every patch like this:
-rug pin patch-11248
rug pin patch-11279
rug pin patch-11295-

-rug pin patch-11295-
sufficient ?

-rug pin patch-11295-
-rug pin patch-11279-
-rug pin patch-11248-
harmfull (could be some NCP patches too....)?

Thanks for your help.