I have installed a new SUSE 9OES into an existing netware 6 tree. I had
been able to go into the policy manager and universal passwords
originally, but now it seems to be not functioning. I get to the point
in iManager to select the user name, but after selecting ok to continue I
get 2 different error messages as releated in TID (3947462)

When Itry to set a Universal Password on a user object, I get the
following error in iManager:Error: Server Configuration Error
NMAS LDAP Transport error.

If I try to View Policy Assignment, Iwill get the following error in
Error: NMAS LDAP Transport Error
Server Configuration Error: NMAS LDAP Transport Error" when setting a
Universal Password in iManager 2.x

I am not sure, but I think this occured after I had linux enabled users
and groups.

All other areas of iManager and Remote Manager seem to work ok. I don't
seem to have iMonitor though.

I also have another peculiar problem with installation of Console1 on the
suse box. I can see the c1 install when I go to the directory where I
extracted the files to, but when i try and execute the c1-install script,
it says that the file is not found.

Any help or thoughts on these would be greatly appreciated.