None of the LUM users can authebnticate in any service on OES server. I checked "namuserlist"
command and I can see all of the edirectory users without any problems and thats why I accept
nam works fine but as a result of the "getent passw" command I cant see and edirectory user. So
I checked /etc/nsswitch.conf and it has

passwd: compat nam
group: compat nam

which looks correct.

Then I cheched namcd and saw its not running. I tried to start it manually but it didnt start so I
edited /etc/nam.conf and disabled the cache and now namcd runs but as it doesnt have the
cache option on, itt runs very very slow.
Now my problem is, I cant run namcd with cache option on. I also tried "namconfig clearcache"
and restarting namcd but this didnt help too.

Any ideas to solve this problem?