Hi Novell Forum Readers,

Our OES Linux server (daltons1serv) was built with OES sp2 cd's and then
patched using command interface RUG.

The server works fine initially, however after doing some work eg. setting
up containers and groups via consoleone or using scmt toold ot migrate the
data from NW6.5sp3 server, the OES box loses the connection. Although it
still responds to ip commands and I can reboot the server over the LAN, the
file, edirectory and print side - everything fails.

Looking at the errors in the var logs directory I came across the following:-
Daltons1serv> /usr/sbin/namcd[10051]: unknown error returned reading
configuration parameter: alternative-ldap-server-list
Daltons1serv> /usr/sbin/namcd[10051]: ldap_initconn: ldap bind failed
(error = [81]), trying to connect to alternative ldap server.

On both occassions when I lost connectivity to the server, the above
messages were repeated. Rebooting the server resolves the issue temporarily.