How can I change the order that services start withing a run-level? normally
I would just change the symlink to a higher number, but chkconfig (I'm
assmuning) keeps changing it back to it's default. Every time I run the run
the runlevel editor within yast, it resets. (I know I probably shouldn't
change it manually).

Specifically, I need to move slpd down (later). it's starting too early,
before my network card comes up, and fails initialization. If I start if
from the command line, or move if a few scripts down, it starts fine. I have
noticed that within the init script there is "Required-tor-start" entry in
the comment field. I added something lower down, like xinetd, disbabled the
service, and then re-enabled it. It still assigned it the same start order.

what's the proper way to do this?