Hi all,

I'm trying to upgrade our adobe reader 7 to version 8 via Zenworks. I have
basically just created the new Adobe 8 Zenworks application from a copy of
the Adobe 7 one .ie. using an exsisting application object and just changed
things around to point to the Adobe 8 files, etc instead.

I also get the following error when I try to deploy the application

"Could not launch Adobe 8 Reader (I) TEST.APPS.ZEN.SSAT (using msiexec)
(id=267) THe directory name is invalid"

I can't figure out what this error means. The difference I have seen
between the copy and the original one (adobe 7 app that mines based off) is
that the setup files are on the c:\ drive in a folder called c:\source\Adobe7

My setup files for Adobe 8 are sitting in a folder on my network drive

I have tried pointing it to the folder on the t:\ drive but it still wont
deploy. But just as a test I made my own c:\source\Adobe8 folder and it
works! Trouble is I can't seem to get this c:\source\Adobe8 folder deployed
to any other workstation. This is how the Adobe7 one was setup cause I saw
a c:\source\Adobe7 folder on my c:\ drive and on another workstations c:\

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm lost!!!!!