I just patched a production OES - Linux box and when I rebooted, I could
not authenticate to the server via SSL - remote manager, port 8009.

Patches: 11371 and then entired oes channel.

When using Firefox or IE this is what I get:
Security error: Domain Name Mismatch
You have attempted to establish connection with "10.x.x.201
However, the security certificate presented belongs to ""

When I go physically to box, I have a GUI login screen with no names. I
have seen this several times before and had found that I can only LOG IN AS
ROOT. My eDirectory username is not listed. I believe if I reboot this
gets fixed.

What can I do to fix this? I am concerned that certificates have
and not the correct name of the server. I do get duplicate messages and I
believe it is because of the loop back number.

Anything feedback is greatly appreciated. You guys are leading the way...
And gals......

still a Linux newbie, but Linux+ now