Hey guys
I really need you help on this one. I have an OES linux server
continuously locking up. I never get any indication that it is about
to do it. Everything is working and then all of a sudden the drives on
it are no longer accessible and the printers don't work. This server
hosts 2 NSS volumes and is my iPrint server. It used to do it
occasionally, but since I did the red carpet updates (mainly for the
DST update, but got them all while I was there) it has happened 3 times
since yesterday afternoon. Is there any kind of log that would help me
find out what could be causing this? Would it even log an issue if it
just locks up? I see the following error on the front login window
under where you login. Error -601 from ndp_NCPMapGUIDToUID.
Unfortunately I do not know what it means. Can someone please help me.
I am lost as to what to look for. This is an OES Linux SP2. I have
done all the updates except the NCP and the Clustering updates. I
don't do the NCP updates because they fail and I didn't do the
clustering updates because we are not using cluster services.