I am having a problem with OES Linux all of a sudden. Something has
stopped LUM from working and when I go to LUM in YaST it gives a can't
authenticate error. I'm not sure if the LDAP portion of eDirectory is
working... NSS, NCP, and eDirectory are working though. iManager can't be
used because Apache won't start since novlwww and wwwrun are set up as LUM
accounts... I'm not sure if that is how it was delivered since I might
have set them up as LUM accounts to solve a previous issue with those
accounts having gone missing. So I went into ConsoleOne to check the LDAP
config but the snapin is old... version 8.7 instead of 8.8. I can't find
a download for the eDir 8.8 snapin. Everything was working fine until I
went to configure iPrint for the first time and issues with certificates
popped up and boy are there a lot of certificate settings when you combine
Suse and Novell. Oh please let OES2 be more intuitive and polished than

The good news is that everyone is still able to access their files on NSS
and eDirectory is still authenticating. The bad news is there is a lot of
things not working. If I could get LDAP working properly so that YaST
tools could authenticate I think everything would be easy to get working

Any hints on where I can get the ConsoleOne snapin for 8.8 and hints on
how to quickly determine what is wrong with LDAP? I went to /var/log
and I don't even see logs relating to ldap. I went to /etc and can't find
any conf files relating to ldap and nds.conf doesn't have anything
relating to the ldap configuration... perhaps it is all stored in
eDirectory which I can't get to without the snapin.

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.