Hello to all,
as I wrote in the message I'm quite ignorant on trustee for
I have an OES with nss volumes.

I simplify the problem:

Two folders, A and B.
I associate a trustee of groupA to A and a groupB to B to read, write,
erase, create, file scan to give the possibility to create inside
these folders their own structure.

Obiously some users are part of both groups so they see folders A and

I want avoid the possibility for users of groupA and groupB to change
the name of the folder A and B. They must be able to change the name
of folders inside A and inside B but not these base folders

I want avoid the possibility for one user being part of both groups,
to have the possibility to move the folder A inside the folder B (or
Obiously they can move folders from inside A to inside B but not the
base folders.

Can anyone help me?