I have built a server using the evaluation copy of OES SP2 for Linux and I
would like to install eDirectory licenses that I have purchased. All of the
documentation I have found indicates I use iManager and click on
Licenses/Install a License. In iManager on the OES server, there is no
License link so I installed iMan_26_win.zip on my desktop. When I login to
my OES server and try to install the licenses, I receive the following error:

License Management Services Not Available

License Management services are not responding. This could be due to one of
the following:

* iManager queried every NetWare server in the directory and could not
find a version of nlsadapt.nlm that supports License Management. This could
happen because nlsadapt.nlm is not loaded on a server, the server running
the NLM is not available, or iManager is connected to a tree where all
versions of the server are older than 6.0.
* iManager found a server with a version of nlsadapt.nlm that supports
License Management, but was unable to communicate with nlsadapt.nlm due to
issues with NCP.

I have read in another forum that NWADMIN may work but I cannot find where
to download it. Is there another way to install, perhaps a command line way
in Linux?

Thanks in advance,

Sam Halas