I'm installing Oracle 10g2 and the documentation says I need to
install the sysstat package...

When I try and "rug in sysstat" -- It is not allowed due to an
unresolved dependency on gnuplot...

So I popped into YAST and tried to install gnuplot... it asks me for
the Core SuSE 9 sp2 disc 2 (which I used during the server

I insert the disk and it doesn't think it's the correct disk... Yast
had no problems during the system installation...

So I made another copy of the disc from Novell's site -- no luck, it
doesn't like that disk either...

So I tried to just click on the RPM located directly on the disk --
the system asks me if I'd like to install it with YAST -- I say sure
(I have the disk in the drive... so it must know it's correct now,
right? wrong.) The system asks me for the Core SuSE disc2 ... the
disk that's currently in the drive...

Any thoughts on where I could find the official version of gnuplot for
OESsp2 that won't ask for the disk over and over again?