Greetings Forum,

I have 2 OES Linux sp2 installed in the same
tree...couple of months back i had a breakdown of one of the servers
becuz i patched it and after it downloaded all the OES channel upon
booting i found out that it was gone..manually restarting wud bring me to
a grub2 loading stage and nothing happnd after that..anywayz i went on to
reinstall and configure my whole im staying out of patching
it :) im gona wait for sp3 and usualy on these forums i ve read that only
go for patching ur server if u really need it badly otherwise if its
working gud then leave it as it is....i wonder if they can hav a TID for
this too :P...

ok now back to my question when i ran SPident on the other server which
was not patched it gave me this message

Summary (using 658 packages)
Product/ServicePack conflict match update (shipped)
OES-9-i386 2 0.1% 339 51.5% 0 (1628 20.8%)
OES-9-i386-SP1 1 0.1% 193 29.3% 0 (836 23.1%)
OES-9-i386-SP2 2 0.2% 393 59.7% 0 (962 40.9%)
Unknown 10 1.5%

CONCLUSION: No supported Product/ServicePack found at all!

is this ok i mean this serverz been up for 121 days nd i wonder if i
restart it anytime...will it go crazy like the other one..
im a linux newbie and any pointers wud b appreciated..
Thanks a bunch