Hello all,
I am running webaccess on an OES Sp2 Linux server. My boss would like
it to be run in https. I am trying to get an external certificate from
Entrust on that server for running webaccess in https. My problem is,
I do not know how to request and then import the certificate onto the

I figured it out with a Netware server that I am running eGuide and
NetStorage, but I cannot seem to find any information anywhere on
getting a trusted external certificate on this server. I have been up
and down the documentation on Novells website and I have done tons of
Google searches.

On my Netware server, it was as easy as doing a PKI object in
ConsoleOne for the csr and then importing it and configuring the server
to point to the PKI object in the autoexec.ncf and the httpd.conf.
This was done following TID 10089761.

I cannot seem to find any info about this for the OES Linux servers
that have eDir on them. I found a TID (10096437) about SLES 9, but it
was for if the server was not in eDir.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. TID's, Links to documentation,
personal experience with this.
Thanks in advance for any input.

Bob Shatford
Asst. Network Admin
Keller ISD