I am attempting to consolidate to a LInux server using netware
consolidation tools which is giving me grief.

I've been trying to troubleshoot and have narroweed down to the linux
destination server not running TSAFS.

When running the following command I get errors.

server2:/opt/novell/sms/bin # rcnovell-smdrd restart
Shutting down smdr daemon done
Loading backup kernel driver for NSS failed
Starting smdrd daemon done
server2:/opt/novell/sms/bin # ls
.. .. nbackup smdrd smsconfig tsatest
server2:/opt/novell/sms/bin # ./smsconfig -l tsafs
# There should be no space between Option and the colon ':' or equal '='
# If you make changes to this file, either reload or refresh the
tsa using smsc
# Set the read buffer size This is the amount of data
(Bytes) read from the fil
# system by a single read operation. This
value is set in multiples of 512 Byte
# This sets the maximum number of
read threads that process a data set at a giv
# Set this to load the tsa
in Linux, NetWare and Dual modes. The Dual mode enab
# Set this to
disable if the backup application doesn't require a predictive ca
# This
disables the TSA data read ahead prior to the engine request during back

is not available at this time
Try 'tsafs --help' for more information.
Unable to load TSA 'tsafs'

server2:/ # /opt/novell/sms/bin/smsconfig -l tsafs
is not available at this timeead ahead prior to the engine request
during backupingoth NetWare and Linux modes
Try 'tsafs --help' for more information.
Unable to load TSA 'tsafs'

I have followed

and made the following changes to pam.

#use unix authentication
auth required pam_unix2.so try_first_pass nullok
#use unix account management module for account
account required pam_unix2.so try_first_pass
#use unix session management module for account
session required pam_unix2.so try_first_pass

I am having some trouble progressing and was wondering if anyone can offer
me some advice. I am fairly new to this.