I have a system with a couple of thousand users,

Upon trying to use smbbulkadd to samba enable the users, about 10% of
them fails with smbbulkadd saying "segmentation fault"

A command like the follwing is used :

server01:~#smbbulkadd -a cn=admin,o=org -w adminPassword -f
/var/novell/idmwork/userone -h -p 636 -b ou=user,o=org
==> Processing user list file '/var/novell/idmwork/userone'

Segmentation fault

The /var/novell/idmwork/userone file looks like this:

--- CUT HERE ---
-u userone -x OU=ORG,OU=USER,O=ORG
--- CUT HERE ---

Taking one of the 10% of the users that smbbulkadd does not samba
enable, and enabling the account "manually" using iManager work.

Does anyone have a clue to what can be done to remedy this ?

Kind regards Nicolai