SSL certificate on OES SP2 server expired. What surprised us was that
the certificate in use is actually the YaST certificate, not the one
in eDir, although that does exist. A second OES server also has the
YaST certificate rather than its eDir one. Also, the YaST certificates
had a 1 year default expiration, while the eDir ones have a 2 year
default expiration/.

What is the proper process to update the certificate. In YaST there is
not a "refresh" function on the certificates. Do you just delete the
expired one and make a new one? Does the server just need to be
bounced then? We added a new one without deleting the expired one and
the new one incremented the serial number, but the new one did not go
into place, although it said it was valid.

How do we tell the server to use the eDir one? Is there any advantage
to using one over the other?