I am running Suse OES 9.3 SP2 on 5 servers. All but one use ext3 for the
SYS drive and the other uses reiserFS for SYS. The servers are HP
ProLiant DL380's using the Smart Array 6i RAID card. We use Samba for
NT4 authentication for some programs. Four of the servers have two
volumes in the NSS partition, HOME and OFFICE_SHARE. The fifth server
has those and a CORP_SHARE. When I right click on the folders in the
shares and try to change the trustee(s) or the permissions for the
different groups/users of that folder...it effects ALL the files and
folders in the volume. Using the rights command seems to solve this but
what is displayed with the show option isn't always the same as what
shows up using the windows properties option.

I'm not touching the IRF's and none are in use. The permissions not only
flow down but also up.

The first server was built with the special HP CD1 OES disk due to an
issue in the naming of the Smart Array card. We also had an issue with
getting NSS working properly on that first box...the nssadmin user
didn't create. All other were built with the SP2 disks.

The Novell OES Admin Guide says that there can be issues with NSS and
the linux file system but none of our users use the linux file system.

What is wrong with this thing!?