Sometimes I wish Novell hired legacy Linux programmers instead of trying to retro-fit their own programmer...

That being said...I've noticed an interesting problem with ncpcon. Almost all of the output from ncpcon goes to stdout, as it should. There are some informational/status messages that go to stderr, but that's no big deal. The weird bug I found was with the "files list" command. If you type "ncpcon files list c=##" at the shell, it will show you the files that are held open by the specified connection number to stdout; however, if you type "ncpcon files list v=vol-name", you a nice list of all open files on volume "vol-name"; however, this output does not get sent to stdout, stderr or anything useful for Linux redirection so this form of the command can't be trapped by a script (which is where I'm running this command from).

There is an update for novell-ncpserv coming down the pike (it will be here sometime last week...gotta borrow Doc Brown's Delorean to get it, I guess) but I'm not sure if a fix for this is included in the next update (realistically, I doubt they even know about it).

Does anyone know a tricky way to grab this output? I've tried redirecting all descriptor numbers from 1 to 9 and the output still goes to the terminal screen? I'm wondering if they are doing some silly raw write directly to the /dev/pts/x device.