Hi, from a fresh install of OES SP2 (selected 'Novell Open Enterprise
Server' for type of installation), I ran Red Carpet and installed all
the OES patches no problem. Then I ran Red Carpet again and chose to
install the updates. They all installed well except for novell-ncpserv-
nrm-1.3-2 which gives me the following error:

Transaction failed:
Unable to complete
RPM transaction:
/var/opt/novell/log from install of
novell-ncpserv-nrm-1.3-2 conflicts with
file from package novell-ncpserv-2.0-18

I checked the knowledgebase and found nothing. I checked the groups
and the only references to 'novell-ncpserv-nrm' are from Jan of this
year and don't work for me (ie, running 'rpm -Uvh --force novell-
ncp ...'.