on my test OES1SP2+eDir881ftf1+ssp204 server I upgraded manually all the
packages from patch-11529

Initially all was looking fine until I tried to restart ndsd, which
refused to come up again. Looking in the logs I saw this:

Jun 09 22:42:55 Path of Novell eDirectory configuration file
Loader Failed:for
/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/nds-modules/libncpengine.so: undefined
symbol: idbroker_errs,errno 2
Jun 09 22:42:55 NCPShim Init Failed, error -5984

just rev'ing novell-ncpenc back to 5.0.1-6 (the one that comes with eDir
8.1.1) made ndsd start properly again.

So it seems that the RPM package wasn't built properly :-(. A short
analyze showed:

# rpm2cpio novell-ncpenc-5.0.1-6.i386.rpm |cpio -ivd
# nm ./opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/nds-modules/libncpengine.0.0.0 |grep
# rm -rf ./opt
# rpm2cpio novell-ncpenc-5.0.1-28.i386.rpm |cpio -ivd
# nm ./opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/nds-modules/libncpengine.0.0.0 |grep
U idbroker_errs

At that point I got curious and checked the contents of patch-11527 (NCP
update vs. eDir 8.7.3):

# rpm2cpio novell-ncp-5.0.1-94.i386.rpm |cpio -ivd
# nm ./usr/lib/nds-modules/libncpengine.so.0.0.0|grep idbroker_errs
U idbroker_errs
# nm ./usr/lib/nds-modules/libncpns.so.0.0.0|grep idbroker_errs
0000999c D idbroker_errs

So I suspect novell-ncpenc-5.0.1-28 wasn't built properly against
eDir-8.8.1, some stuff from eDir-8.7.3 has crept in somehow? Or a new
feuture for this update wasn't properly enabled in this build?

Hope this helps,