Hi all,

I've come across an error in the syslog on one of my servers, and can't
seem to track down a solution. I've got LUM properly configured (I
think), since it works as expected on my other servers.

Here's the message that keeps repeating every 3 seconds:
> Jun 14 13:33:10 linuximaging /usr/sbin/namcd[11821]: nam_ldap_init():
> ldapssl_add_trusted_cert() failed. Status [Operations error]
> Jun 14 13:33:10 linuximaging /usr/sbin/namcd[11821]: nss_ldap_init:
> Unable to get LDAP handle.
> Jun 14 13:33:10 linuximaging /usr/sbin/namcd[11821]: ldap_initconn:
> Error in LDAP init for preferred server, rc = 2.
> Jun 14 13:33:10 linuximaging /usr/sbin/namcd[11821]: ldap_initconn:
> LDAP bind failed (error = [226]), trying to connect to alternative LDAP
> server
> Jun 14 13:33:10 linuximaging /usr/sbin/namcd[11821]: Unknown error
> returned reading configuration parameter: alternative-ldap-server-list

I appears to be a cert problem, so I tried reimporting the cert via
"namconfig -k", but unforunately that didn't fix anything. My next
step was to remove the LUM edirectory objects ("namconfig rm") and
recreate them, but that didn't work either.

I'm out of ideas... any help would be greatly appreciated!