I have 4 directory servers setup and syncing correctly. I've enabled
LUM users and groups and assigned them to the workstations they are
supposed to access.

All of the users can access the workstations just fine, but they are
unable to change their own passwords by using the passwd command.

I also noticed a post that said to use namusermod with the -p option.
That doesn't work as it results in an "Insufficient access to perform
this operation" error.

I've tried logging onto iManager as one of the users and seeing if
there is an option to change their password, but I don't see one
anywhere. Virtual office is also not installed and can't be on SP2,
so that is out.

Does anyone know where the users can go to change their own password?

What do I have to do to make this possible? I've read through docs
and papers and posts and can't find anything.