Hi Novell Community Forum Readers,

I am trying to backup edirectory and have read several threads and
documentation as to how this should be achieved.

However, our setup is simple (.. atleast I think so) and we don't have
role based services. I am trying to use emtool to run the backup without
rolling forward logs - which I believe is enabled through role based
services. But we'd like to keep things simple, and want to use emtool to
run a full backup of the edirectory each evening from the master replica.

From xterminal on the master server I run edirutil -g and then click on
the login button. I enter admin account credentials (admin.que) for our
tree (master_tree) and server details (ip address or it's dns
name) along with the port number (8008) but keep receiving the login
failure message.

I checked what ports edirectory was running by typing "ndsconfig get |
grep http" and the response for http.server.interfaces was "=@8008".

Why can't login to emtool?

Thank you for your suggestions.