We're preparing to install our first OES Linux server into our NetWare
tree, and we've been testing and learning by placing the new server into
its own tree first.

After installing all patches from the "oes" channel, I used the Red
Carpet GUI to do a dependency check just for the heck of it. It shows
that three packages need to be installed, and three need to be removed.
One of the required packages is kernel-bigsmp 2.6.5-7.286, required by
novell-sms-zapishim. The kernel update does not appear on the "patches"
tab, only under "updates".

So Red Carpet says that the server needs this kernel update, which by
the way is listed as "urgent". However, I've read in multiple places
that one should only install patches, never updates. So what should I
do? Should I ignore the dependency problems, or should I let the system
go ahead and resolve them by installing things not on the patches list?

- Jim Wagner