i have a running OES PDC for a while now without a Problem.

But in the past a run the command "smbpasswd thomas" (me) by a mistake.

Now i have the Problem that after a view Minutes my NDS Account (and
only my) are always disabled by a Intruder Lockout and i didn't find a
Solution to prevent this.
The Lockout Stations are always some Windows Servers or the OES Samba

I tried a lot of thing's

1) smbpasswd -e thomas
2) set a new Universal Password in IManger
3) set a new Password with help off Novell Client 4.91sp2
4) clear simple Password
5) disable simple Password
6) try to reenable Sambauser (not working, because Attribut are always

When i remove the Samba Account with smbpasswd -x thomas, the Intruder
Lockout's disappear, but Domain Logons didn't work anymore.

I am lost...

Any hint's?
How can i find the Reason for the Intruder Lockout?
Looks for me i have a Problem with

a) UP ?
b) NMAS (runs fine, nmasuserlist show my account, and i can login
without a Problem)
c) lokal Samba tdb ?

My Last try would be to remove the NDS Account and recreate it, but i
wouldn't to this really 8-)