So here's the problem. Our dear old friend namcd will run fine for a
few days before deciding to go a bit crazy and spawning 1000+ threads of
itself, about 100 an hour. It hangs all processes that check for file
permissions such as ls and ssh. If I did a ps or a top, those hang as well.

If I do a namconfig cache_refresh, it'll hang on stopping the service,
but all of the rogue threads shutdown and my system returns to normal.
I can then kill -s 9 the pid of namcd and restart it with no problems.

I'm up to date on all my rug patches, these servers (I have 6) have all
been installed in the past 3 months and are all doing the same thing. Tips?

p.s. I did alter the preferred server entry in nam.conf to point it at
the replica holding my admin user object. That helps a bit, but they
still crash after a while.