I am running OES 9, I tried to setup an ncpmount that I have not yet
completed successfully. I had a local partition mounting to a mount point
of /data from /dev/sda4 that has been working fine for a year. I edited
the fstab file to try and mount the ncpmount and now that I have removed
the ncpmount from fstab it will no longer mount the /data partition. I
have tried to completely recreate the fstab file with vi and a return
after the last line but it still mounts all the other entries in the fstab
just fine.

The other problem this is causing is that it seems to try to load the
files that live on the /dev/sda4 partition to the /data directory even
though it did not mount the partition which causes my / volume to run out
of space. Even when I manually mount the directory it does not seem to
release the space on the root partition.

Thanks for any help you may have.