OES Linux server with SP2 Been running great for over a year.

Recently I have been having LUM issues, SSL troubles and tomcat problems.
(See 7/20/07 post) In trying to solve that problem, I have created

Apache would not start telling me I had an invalid group of www. I used
posts from other forums to solve that problem. Then apache would not start
because it thought wwwrun was root and it would not run as root.

I am able to log in with any Linux enabled user, but the names do not appear
on the login box like they used to. I used TID 3003589 to reinstall the LUM
services. I can successfully connect to the my Netware server running the
master partition.

Now when I start my Linux box all I see for users is Novell XRegD System
User. Apache starts and runs but I get a forbidden error on every page. My
web server root directory is now has owner 602 instead of wwwrun. I changed
them all to wwwrun but I still have access denied. (Groupwise webaccess
runs just fine however)

I have checked the UNIX workstation object and the LUM enabled users and
groups and I don't see any problems.

Anyone have any ideas?