We have two Netware OES servers and three OES Linux servers. On all three
Linux servers when I go to Yast, Network Services, OES LDAP and type in the
IP address of any of the five servers, I get a credential failed error. I
know that when I set them up I was able to connect. The two Netware servers
hold a replica of NDS and one of the Linux ones also does.

I went to one of the Netware boxes and did a dstrace -all and dstrace +ldap
and then tired to connect from the Linux box.

I get a whole bunch of "BIO ctrl called with unknown cmd 7 " messages but
those connections are working.

I get:
Failed to authenticate local on connection 0xabebdc40, err = failed
authentication (-669)
TLS read failure 5 on connection 0xabebdc40 setting err = -5875 Error stack
Monitor 0x1e7 found connection 0xabebdc40 socket failure, err = -5875 0 of 0
bytes read

I have noticed this exact error posted on 6/8/2007 but did not receive a


In the Yast "Configured LDAP servers" box under OES LDAP setup, the screen
shows cn=admin <period> o=<myorg> Shouldn't that be cn=admin <comma>
o=<myorg> ?? Both ways fail for me.

Are the "BIO ctrl called with unknown cmd 7 " messages normal or an
indication of another problem?

How can I fix the TLS read failure 5 ?

Thanks for any help!