I'm running an OES 1 box here (SLES 9, not sure what service pack as I
didn't set up the server and I don't really know how to check...still new
to all of this) and something strange has happened. At the login screen,
it's no longer showing my LUM users. Also, I see errors on the screen that
says nds_nss_GetGroupsbyMember: failed to init socket, status = 0.

I looked up the error and found TID 3003589 which says that all I should
need to do is run LUM in YaST to reconfigure. However, when I try to do
that, I'm getting errors that say:

The installation of Novell YaST2 Modules failed to install all required


The installation of Welcome web pages for OES components failed to install
all required RPMs.

Is there a log somewhere that can tell me what RPM's they're trying to
install so I can manually install it? Is there any other way to go about
reconfiguring LUM? The YaST screen doesn't really give me much options to
do besides clicking "OK" and "NEXT."

Any help is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the trouble.