I have a single OES Linux server which I am using to run FreeRADIUS and
a Tomcat-based web application (the database is on a separate SQL
server). I have run out of space on this server twice, and every time I
increase the available disk space it just fills up in a few days. I
just have a swap partition and a single root partition containing
everything else (since it's just an application server with no data I
didn't think I'd be running out of space). Right now disk usage looks
like this:

6.4M bin
13M boot
420K dev
16M etc
8.3M home
163M lib
348M opt
913M proc
23M root
12M sbin
1.7M srv
0 sys
208K tmp
1.6G usr
13G var

kde won't load. It looks like /var is the big offender, but I don't
know what I can remove to get it running and how to prevent this from
re-occuring. Any advice is greatly appreciated.