Having LUM problems with production server. Do not have this probelm with server in test tree.

OESSP2 server installed into a Novell tree with NW65SP6 servers.
Have reconfigured LUM via YAST.
Have resolved LDAP certificate and other LDAP issues. LDAPget looks OK.
Read/Write replica on server.
Added user admin to group admin - Group existed, but admin was not a member.
Server listed in the uamPosixWorkstationLIst.
In tree the admin username is "Admin", and I do not know if the capital A will cause any grief.

At server, for id admin, I get: id: admin: No such user

Cannot see Linux User Management in iManager.
LinuxUserManagement Module2.0.120050824LinuxUserManagement iManager Module is in installed NPM list.

Do not know if iManager problem is result of server install problem or strictly an iManager problem.

Any help appreciated.