I'm writing here becuase I am pretty convinced this a an OES issue. I
can take it to the GW group if need be. In C1 on my windows workstation
I'm creating a secondary domain, all is fine until it goes to put down
the files in the path (OES/NSS) I've specified. It creates the directory
structure but when it goes to create the wpdomain.dc and wphost.dc files
it fails with a write error (GW 8200, generic file IO error). It leaves
a zero length file behind. I cannot do anything to the file until I
disconnect and reconnect to the server or delete it via the linux
command line.

The server is OES with patches applied and the volume is NSS on its own
disk, no EVMS involved. Aside from the GW domain creation I can write,
edit and delete files to the same potential database location without
issue. I've tried this from a couple of different C1 installs to make
sure that it isnt the issue.

Any ideas?