JUst wanted to drop a note that the tools for creating new volumes and
partitions seem to work very well if any of you are venturing into
uncharted waters like myself. I inserted a second IDE drive into my
test box (an old drive that had Windows partitions on it). POwered on.
Linux picked up the drive and had me acknowledge that it existed and
fired up the partition manager, Lots of scary dialogs that you're
gonna hose your system for the novitiates out there. No real problem
as long as you confine yourself to mucking with the newly added device.
I chose to drop all partitions on the drive and then exited the program.

Fired up iManager and selected the storage option. From there I
created a new pool and added a volume. Lot's of choices available as
to how you want the new volume to behave. Salvage, Compression etc.
After completion I adjusted my login script to mount the new volume.
Logged out and back in and voila new volume with minimal hassle.

Now I'm not sure what problems lie with NSS volumes on Linux though as
I recall there are some issues and possibly a showstopper. Anyone want
to shed light on their knowledge of the pro's and cons of NSS on Linux

At any rate, the tools to set it all up seem to work quite well.
I still find the way Novell volumes are mounted under Linux a little
strange but I suppose it's just something to get used to.

I'm seriously leaning towards going with the Linux version as opposed
to the Netware side. I mean it seems like it's mostly there and the
issues that most folks are seeing seem to be problems with stuff I
don't rely on anyway. It just seems prudent since we don't upgrade our
stuff except like every 5 years and I think the Linux road is going to
move pretty fast. Once we start seeing some Linux apps with eDir hooks
I think it's going to be an awesome platform.

Okay so it turned into more of a chat discourse but it started out as
an installation comment. <g>