I am investigating the things needed to replace servers with Netware
core (Netware 6.5) with Linux Core (SLES9).

The servers run various services, some of which do not have a Linux
version afaik.

I created the following table:
Netware server --> Linux equivalent

iManager --> Linux version available
Novell eDirectory --> Linux version available
Novell GroupWise 6.5 --> Upgrade to GroupWise 7
Norman Firebreak --> Norman Virus Control on Linux
HP Proliant tools (e.g. Insight Manager agents) --> SLES9 tested and
approved version available

Problems AFAIK:
not eDirectory integrated

SLES9/OES supports BIND, not eDirectory integrated
no Dynamic DNS support

NDPS with HP and Lanier Gateway:
SLES9/OES only supports LPR and raw/9100 printing.

- Veritas Backup Exec Unix Workstation module or
- Veritas NetBackup Enterprise Server
- Built-in SLES9 tools?

GroupWise GWAVA add-on
- no Linux version atm

Sybase ASA v7 (for thirdparty database)
Sybase ASA v8 (for ZENWorks)
- Linux version?

ZENWorks for Desktops
- Upgrade to ZENWorks 7?
Does ZEN7 run on Linux only?

As you see I have quite some questionable features.
Does someone have experiences with any of these?
Or is some of my information out-dated and incorrect?

Kind regards,