must OES run an eDIR replica?
- I wonder if my life would be simpler to not install eDIR on this first OES
Linux server??

OES/Linux - adding to existing NW 6.5sp3 network
I currently see this as a pilot project to provide iManager 2.5
- to introduce Linux
- add newest iPrint for new color printer (perhaps be backup to existing
- pilot for Virtual Office and iFolder

Later in the year, I'd propose moving to hp blade server.
This would be the first server, with the idea that future servers would be
Linux cluster.

As we need to replace older servers, I'd move to blade server Linux cluster
such as:
GW, NSS storage, iPrint, backup, ZENworks
PostgreSQL(on OES/Linux currently as IP service only -no Novell services- I
guess this is where I got this idea from ;-)
hp P4 workstation with dual IDE 160 gig drives
(one for Linux and the 2nd for NSS)

iManager (minimum goal, as currently no working iManager)

iPrint (for new printer - and as a backup iPrint server to iPrint running on
GW with NW 6.5sp3)

2nd HD/volume to run NSS

Virtual Office (as a pilot project to see if organization finds useful)
(perhaps iFolder)

currently NW 6.5sp3 - backup, NSS, GW/iPrint
and a 4th legacy NW 5.1 ZEN, and a couple of databases

Can I setup this OES/Linux without eDIR ??
Will this server just do LDAP queries to my Master eDIR server
running NW6.5sp3.
OR must OES run an eDIR replica?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts,
thanks for your patients to read all this,
Brandon Fouts.