Has anyone had any luck installing OES Linux on an HP DL320 G3 server using
the embedded SATA RAID? I've been able to install the OS after creating a
driver diskette and pointing the install at it, but as soon as the machine
reboots, it is no longer able to find the sata raid and boot the server. I
have to start the install, point it to the driver diskette, then have it
boot the installed system. The driver works, but it just won't install
permenently onto the system.

I've tried running the RPM version of the drivers also, but it complains
because the paths aren't right. I also tried installing the PSP which
contains all of the special hp drivers/utils for the machine, but that
didn't help.

I'm also having problems getting the internal nic's to work. Yast detects
them, but when the system loads, it isn't able to activate them.

Any help would be appreciated, as I've wasted far too long poking at this.