Hi People

I'm very new to Linux, so excuse me if my terminology goes a bit sideways :)

Seems as if this is not an isolated issue...

Anyway, I have a test lan with:

1x NW6.5/SP3 server.
1x OES Linux server
1x WinXP PC

While installing the OES/Linux server into the exisiting NW6.5/SP3, all
went well up until the the installation of eDir. Authentication,
TimeSync etc were all fine until it got to the LDAP section where it sat
for ages trying to ummm authenticate I guess, and then returned an
error, something to the effect of "Failed to Bind to LDAP"

After that error, I canned it and chose to "configure eDir" at a later
stage. Installation completed, rebooted and went into YAST and selected
to configure eDir again, but same problem

Looking at the linux services, there was nothing listening on port 636,
only 389

On the NW65 box, dsrepair/timesync showed the OES/Linux box as in sync.
In ConsoleOne, I could see the OES/Linux NCP server object and some LDAP

But I could not see any SSL-Certificates for the OES/linux box.

Having bit more of a sniff around the linux box, in the scripts, I could
see a NDSCONFIG which called "nldap" to query what SSL ports are running
and return the results to "ndsd".

I guess "ndsd" is waiting for port 636 to be available to complete the
installation of eDir ???

Anyway, anyone have any idea's on what I can try next?