I'm having trouble getting a new Linux OES SP1 server installed into a tree
with a single NW65SP3 server in it.

In the OES install, I've gotten to the "Perform eDirectory Configuration"
screen, and it passes all the requirements until it gets to the "Wait for
eDirectory to respond to LDAP requests". At that point it waits 5 minutes
or so, goes on to the next step "Fetch the eDirectory tree root
certificate", waits another 5 minutes or so, then throws up the following

"Unable to bind to eDirectory through LDAP."

When I click ok it brings up an error page. Basically it tells me that the
Novell eDirectory LDAP Server TCP port is not listening...and LDAP Server
TLS port is not listening. But I'm pretty sure LDAP is listening on the
Netware 6.5 server. I've got a screenshot of the whole error page if anyone
would like to see the whole thing.

Anyone else run into something like this? Any suggestions?