I got oessp1 installed without incident, but it won't boot into kde.
During the install, I changed two things about the graphics system. It
found the right card (ATI Mach64), but detected 1280x1024 as the
resolution. I unchecked that, so that only res's up to 1024x768 were
selected. I also changed the monitor model from "Sony CDS100ES" to
"Sony Multiscan 100ES", which is what it actually is.

When the system booted to the console screen, I logged in as root, and
tried to load KDE by just typing "kde" and hitting enter. That produced
the errors listed below...

xset: unable to open display ....
\xsetroot: unable to open display ''
xset: unable to open display ....
ksplash: cannot connect to X server
kdeinit: Aborting. SDSIPLAY is not set
Warning: Connect() failed. No such file or directory
ksmserver: Cannot connect to X server
startkde: Shutting down
Error: Can't contact kdeinit

I barely know enough about linux to be dangerous right now, so any/all
ideas would be welcome.