I've just been installing a new Dell PowerEdge 850 server with OES SP1,
based on SLES 9 SP2. (This hardware requires OES SP1/SLES 9 SP2 due to
the need for an ICH7 SATA chipset driver.)

I found that the system did not install correctly during multiple
attempts, failing at the stage of installing the OES SP1 CD #3. When i
looked at the message details, i noticed this message was slightly
different to the usual "insert next CD" messages, and referred to

Looking for this directory (by switching to virtual console 2 with
Ctrl-Alt-F2), i found it didn't exist. However, /mnt/var/tmp/suse/CD1 &
CD2 did, and they appeared to be the places that the installer copied
the contents of the SP1 CDs (there's a message about this earlier in the
installation process).

It appears that there is a bug in the SP1 installer in that it fails to
copy the 3rd CD. You can get around this by mounting the CD and copying
the data manually as follows:
mkdir /mnt/var/tmp/suse/CD3
mount -o ro /dev/hda /mnt/mnt
cd /mnt/mnt
cp -vrp media.3/ suse/ /mnt/var/tmp/suse/CD3/
cd /
umount /mnt/mnt
Then switch back to VC7 and continue with the installation.

I don't know whether this is a quirk of my package selection (i only
chose the "minimal graphical system" and "high availability" selections,
plus a few manual extras), the above workaround seems to result in a
functional system with no side-effects.


(HTML version at http://gear.dyndns.org:81/tips/oessp1install)