When following the instructions in
http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/se...?/10097537.htm i
get to the point of finding out about my registered services:
rug service-list

This gives nothing, so i run:
rug sa https://update.novell.com/data

This gives the error:
ERROR: Unable to mount service for 'https://update.novell.com/data':
Unable to download service info: IO error - Soup error: Forbidden (403)

If i try to get to this URL manually using Firefox, i get a dialog
asking for authentication. I put in my SuSE portal logon credentials,
but this doesn't work, and neither does my Novell logon.

*WTH* are Novell doing? I'm really tired of mucking about so much with
this. I am not trying to evaluate - i have a registered OES license.
It seems the hoops we need to jump through to activate change almost weekly!