I'm a complete newbie to Linux. I am looking for partition
recommendations for OES on Linux. I've looked through the
documentation and seen some general guidelines.

I'm going to create some test servers first, however eventually it
will be a blade server connected to a SAN. It will be going into an
existing tree with NW 6.5 sp3/sp4 servers. It will have one IDE 40 GB
drive on board, dual CPU's and have disk space on the SAN.

Initially it will likely have only a couple of user home directories
on it.

Should both SLES and OES on Linux be essentially configured the same
way? I have an SLES box I need to install IBM's IST program which
runs websphere. Nothing like a good amount of challenge!

/boot linux kernel and boot, create at start of the disk
/swap up to 1 GB (server will have 3 GB of ram)
/var log files, I GB
/opt commercial program installations, 4 GB +
/usr ? 4 GB +
/home ?

Thanks very much, Oksana