I have just setup OES to be used as a NCP server and as a web server. I
needed additional php4 modules which I have installed off the SLES cds.
However it appears that a cut down and different version of php4 was
installed off the OES cds but a full version is available on the SLES cds
(the cut down version only includes about 6 php4 modules as pacakges, whilst
SLES includes over 20 php4 modules as packages). When I run red carpet to
update only the cut down version that comes with OES is available to be

Can someone tell me which php4 should I be using? The one from the OES cds
or the one from the SLES cds? I specically want to use the php4-ldap and
php4-gd modules which are only available on the SLES cds. The versions are
slightly different between the two, and only the OES packages will update
from red carpet.

If I replace the php4 packages from the SLES cds how do I update the
modules? Do I need to use the SUSE online update as well as red carpet?