I have a Netware 5.0 tree containing only Netware 5.0SP6 servers.

We have a seperate tree, running OES linux SP1.

Users are already migrated (imported to the oes linux tree).

I want to migrate my data from the netware servers to the oes linux servers.
I have multiples options, and would like your ideas on that.

1) Use the tape backup to perform a full backup with the netware, and
put that on disk, then restore it the my linux servers, directly
I'll loose my trustess, but i can reimport that using tbackup.

2) Use the consolidation tool, but it doesn't support netware 5.0, so
i'll have to upgrade my servers to 5.1 or 6.5... Any caveats ?

3) try to ftp this server from my linux box, but the ftp services from
5.0 seems funky, and i have trouble restoring everything correctly (long
file names, extended caracters, etc.)

4) copy files using my novell client (yourk, 100gb of data and more...)

My netware volumes are traditional volumes (netware 5.0 obligation...)
and are compressed...

If I would be able not to touch my source (netware 5.0 servers) at all,
I'd be happy, in case something goes wrong...

Any other suggestions ?