I'm trying to add a OES sp1 linux server to my netware 6.5 tree (most of
the servers are nw 6.5sp2). After edir is installed, I keep getting this
message in /var/log/messages:

Oct 19 08:01:56 gw /usr/sbin/namcd[8129]: Error [80] in LDAP search while
trying to find group FDNs with scope=base for cn=UNIX Workstation - gw,o=east
Oct 19 08:01:56 gw /usr/sbin/namcd[8129]: write_errToSock: Write error to
socket, errno 32.

What could be causing this? the UNIX Workstation object does exist where
it's supposed to. The problem is made worse because I can't log into
iManager on this server due to the certificates getting messed up when I
changed the IP address. Does anyone have advice for regenerating the
certs? I realize pkidiag isn't available.